The most renown Pilates machine

The Reformer offers multiple workout possibilities, from strength and flexibility to muscle recovery including from back pain and knee injuries.

We offer a cozy and intimate environment
Workout with the famous Allegro Reformer

The Reformer method

The exercises cover a broad range of body movements from lying down, sitting, standing, rope pulling, bar pushing with your hands and feet as well as with additional gear (dumbbells, magic circle, elastic cords, bosu ball), with your head down, sidewise and plenty of variation in between.

The workouts on the Reformer cover all muscle groups, big and small and depending on your needs more or less joint movement.


  • Increased muscle tone
  • Recovery and relief for big muscle groups as well as back and joint pain
  • Increased muscle tone and stamina during and after pregnancy
  • Postural corrections
  • Cross-training for runners, triathletes, mountaineers, skiers
Reformer Allegro for an effective and different kind of workout